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Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can
prevent DWI in your community!

We all know that people have the power to make life safer for their families, friends, and communities and, most importantly, themselves.
You hold in your hands the greatest weapon against Drunk Driving, and that is: EDUCATION AND INFORMATION!

You can become involved as a community member to help prevent DWI and substance abuse by providing all people you care about with an opportunity for education about the dangers of driving while impaired at church groups, classrooms and even at your own social gatherings.
No experience Necessary but your personal commitment to make a difference.
Our presentations are simple to follow through, with foot-notes to expand topic knowledge and just a simple click of the link provided will start your journey into empowering your community to end DWI.
Together we can make a difference!

A candle blowing in the wind

This Video was designed and produced by Margaret Oster, whose 15 year old daughter Karen, died by the actions of an Intoxicated driver. It shows the reality of how DWI affects a family and sends a powerful message to those who; after a few drinks or other intoxicants, may forget that they are putting an innocent life at risk and their lives as well. This video is also extremely suitable to be viewed by young teens who will immediately identify with the teenager whose life was interrupted.
You can watch two short versions at:
U-Tube version#1, U-Tube version #2.

If you have Real Player on your PC you can download videos directly from U-Tube. They will be in flv format and will play only on pc's providing you have adobe flash player also installed.

VIDEO: Imagine a Nation without DWI
This video was also designed by Margaret Oster. The lyrics was written by Margaret and sung by Pete Baca.
It shows the heartbreak and pain of families who were affected by DWI and a simulated DWI crash produced by Margaret and Warehouse 21.
You can watch the video at: U-Tube

Presentation for Grade and Middle

This Power Point Presentation is age appropriate for 5th and 6th graders.
It is all about the brain and how alcohol and drugs affects an adolescent developing brain. It offers a lot of class interaction and peer pressure resistance skills. Perfect for health classes, youth groups or a simple "at home" family involvement on this topic.
Presentación para las escuelas primarias y secundarias
Esta presentación es apropiada para los niños que atienden a escuelas primarias y secundarias. Es todo sobre el cerebro y cómo el alcohol y las drogas afecta el cerebro de los adolescentes. Ofrece muchas habilidades y resistencia por la presión de grupo.

Presentation for High School Students
This Power Point Presentation is age appropriate for all High School age students.
It is all about the impact that drugs and alcohol has on society.

DWI Presentation
This presentation is appropriate for Victim Impact Panels, driving schools and High School Students. For more of an impact among your audience, provide live testimonials from Victims, Offenders and Recovering Alcoholics.
Panel de victimas en Español
Esta presentación es para las audiencias que habla Español solamente. Contiene un cierto contenido gráfico y no es apropiado para la gente joven.
Prescription Drug Presentation for Seniors
Presentation is currently being revised and will be available in a few days. Thank you for your patience.