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Drugs and Alcohol aren't going away any time soon. There are many informative websites addressing underage drinking, substance abuse and alcoholism.
By seeking knowledge, we develop a comprehensive awareness of the problem and all its impact on society. Take time to visit our provided links and empower yourself with knowledge.

MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving

DEA - Street Smart Prevention

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

A list of links of kids and teen's health related to substance abuse

The young teen's place for info on Alcohol Abuse

Dr. Roth PhD Interlock Research Data

P.E.D.A. - Peer Education on Drugs and Alcohol

New Mexico DWI Coordinators Affiliatte Site

Search Institute

New Mexico Public Education Department

Community How To Guides On Underage Drinking Prevention

Alcohol Policy Information System

Neuroscience for Kids

Santa Fe Community College

The DWI Resource Center

New Mexico Health Department

Talking With Kids About Alcohol and Drugs

The Partnership for a Drug Free America

Faces of Meth

Information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The Montana Meth Project

Brain Images of alcohol and drug abuse

Above the Influence

NIDA for Teens


Under 21 Drunk Driving Statistics and Prevention Tips

Alcohol Awareness - The Dangers of Drunk Driving

The Evolution of Policing in the United States

The Recovery Village - Crystal Meth Addiction